Asperatus Capital is a diversified quantitative alternative investment manager.  We invest in global liquid financial instruments including equities and derivatives through multi-strat strategies with rigorous risk controls.

Leveraging innovative systematic quantitative approaches, including AI, we continually forge trading strategies across diverse multiple asset classes, geographic regions, and time frames.

About Us

The firm was founded in 2009, bringing onboard our wealth of experience in running low-latency electronic trading platforms with top-tier investment banks.  The firm's earlier years were marked by the development of cutting-edge, low-latency proprietary equities trade and execution platforms tailored for systematic and quantitative strategies.

Throughout our journey, our approach naturally evolved.  From pioneering high-frequency trading (HFT) systematic strategies, we've embraced a comprehensive evolution that incorporates a diverse array of long-short elements.  Today, Asperatus Capital employs a multi-strategy quantitative approach, skilfully navigating the global landscape of liquid markets of multiple asset classes.

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45 Beech Street
London, EC2Y 8AD

Tel:+44 (0)20 3375 9080

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Asperatus Capital LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is registered in England and Wales with the number OC347885.
AsperatusCapital Services Limited is registered in England and Wales at the same address with the number 06994188.